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20 May 2001
Lyrics to Letting the Cables Sleep, Crucify and Battleflag in Songs.

11 May 2001
Added some pics to Girls of Carter.
Updates od Episode List and Upcoming Episodes.

10 May 2001
Added Girls of Carter in Gallery.
Some updates of FanFics.

9 May 2001
Added some pics to Caps from Episodes and Official Photos.
Corrections of Links and Biographies.
I ended my review of All In The Family.

5 May 2001
Added 1 new fanfic:
Into the Fire by Bri (10 chapters)
News in Episode Guide & Songs and some corrections in FF's pages.

23 April 2001
New spoilers in "Upcoming Episodes".

11 April 2001
New spoilers in "Upcoming Episodes"

9 April 2001
Some news in "Upcoming Episodes", new links.
Added 2 new fanfics:
Feeling Normal and As Is by Kris

8 April 2001
Added Guestbook, Polls and WebRing.

6 April 2001
Sorry for not updating page for so long, but my computer broke down.
Not much updated. Some new caps, links, updated "Episodes List" and "Upcoming Episodes" and general little corrections of this site.

18 March 2001
Added 3 new fanfics:
Playing by Heart and Ode to the Lonely Hearted by Dr Deb Chen
That Kind of Day by Kacey Linden

17 March 2001
Page is on the net. If you have any ideas or propostions please mail me.