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Into the Fire - in TXT format
Rating: R (violence, may be disturbing to sensitive and/or young readers)
Category: JC
Archive: certainly, anywhere you'd like. Just let me know where.
Spoilers: minor S6 spoilers, mentions of events in "Surrender"
Dedication: With deepest respect to the survivors and victims of school violence the world over.
Disclamer: ER, its characters, and situations, are copyright Warner Bros. Entertainment, Amblin Television, Michael Crichton, and Constant C Productions. No infringement of, or challenge to, their status is intended. This piece of fiction is being written strictly for entertainment purposes, and I am gaining no compensation for it.
Author's Note: A huge thank you to Debbie Mraz, for all of her help with the medical stuff. If it sounds good, thank her.
Summary: A high school shooting floods the Cook County General ER with injured teachers and students, and leaves Carter trapped inside the school with the gunmen. While Carter tries frantically to help the students escape, Drs. Green and Benton minister to the injured on the scene, leaving Drs. Weaver and Kovac to attempt to maintain some order in the midst of the chaotic emergency room.

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